In seeking re-election, Greg hopes to build on his administration’s first term accomplishments and expand opportunities for Bremerton families and businesses. With your support, Greg hopes to continue leading Bremerton into a prosperous future for all.

Affordable Housing

Greg is dedicated to keeping Bremerton affordable for long-time residents and generations to come. As Mayor, Greg will continue to support:


Arts & Culture

As a lifelong resident of Bremerton, Greg understands what makes our city truly unique. He will continue to support the arts in our community through:

  • Funding and design of Quincy Square on 4th Street.

  • More art wraps for utility cabinets.

  • The City’s Poet Laureate Program.

  • Additional artist wall panels on Washington Avenue.


Broadband Expansion

Greg recognizes the importance of access to information for all. As Mayor, he will continue to support:

  • Development of Kitsap Public Utility District’s broadband infrastructure and service throughout Bremerton.


Business Opportunity & Economic Growth

Greg knows Bremerton is stronger when our local economy and businesses succeed. In his second term, Greg will work on:

  • Implementing the Eastside Village Plan to increase housing, continue the partnership to demolish the former Harrison Hospital building, and explore funding for infrastructure and investment incentives.

  • Completing the Wheaton Way/SR 303 Corridor study, securing funding for new traffic signals and pedestrian safety upgrades, and improving commute times.

  • Updating the City’s regulations to help support the Charleston District revitalization.

  • Working with the Port of Bremerton to champion economic benefits of the Bremerton Airport expansion.

  • Leading a partnership to identify and fund construction of transportation improvements for the Gorst corridor.

  • Continuing to bring living wage jobs to our community.


COVID-19 Recovery

Greg’s team acted quickly to help Bremertonians handle the economic and social challenges as a result of COVID-19. While vaccination is underway in our community, Greg will continue:

  • Delivering federal funding in the form of grants to help local, small businesses and modifying City codes to expand outdoor dining opportunities.

  • Using existing funds to help those in need of rental assistance.

  • Keeping water on, waiving late payment and credit card fees for utility bills, and establishing payment plans for customers.

  • Upgrading the City’s technology infrastructure with federal government assistance.

  • Allowing the City’s employees to work remotely.

  • Working with our local, state, and federal governments to ensure Bremertonians stay healthy and safe.

  • Ensuring essential city services are delivered with proper COVID-19 precautions in place.



Our City’s diversity is an incredible asset and our City’s staff should reflect our community. With the Workforce Diversity Plan created during his first term, Greg will continue to advocate for increased diversity in City hires, raise awareness of implicit biases, and follow the updated Equal Employment Opportunity Program.



Greg is a strong supporter of improving Bremerton’s water quality and the City’s footprint on the environment. His administration will continue to support our environment by:

  • Improving local water quality and limiting algae growth at Kitsap Lake.

  • Completing the watershed and vegetation management plans.

  • Designing four stormwater treatment facilities and installing stormwater treatment at Kitsap Lake Park.

  • Bremerton Weatherization Program, making homes more energy efficient for residents struggling to meet energy costs.

  • Cleaning up nuisance properties by continuing the court-appointed receiver and abatement programs.

  • Upgrading culverts and removing fish passage barriers at Kitsap and Ostrich Creeks.


Government Efficiency

One of Greg’s passions is creating a more efficient local government. During his second term, Greg will work on:

  • Completing the workload analysis in the Public Works Engineering Department.

  • Continuing to use new processes and technologies to improve all City departments.

  • Investing in corporate technology in all aspects of City government.

  • Developing a new Asset Manager Program to inform decisions using data for City equipment and maintenance.


Housing & Commercial Development

The City has the ability to make real change in our community’s development. In order to make housing and necessary services available in all neighborhoods, Greg will continue to focus on:

  • Increasing efficiencies in housing and commercial development.

  • Developing and utilizing technology to improve the City’s permitting and licensing processes.

  • Supporting the construction of more than 2,000 residential units and 230,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

  • Adding affordable housing stock, especially cottage housing, with the infill development toolkit.

  • Modifying the accessory dwelling unit (ADU) regulations to allow up to two per residence.

  • Creating an incentive program for ADU creation with a rental affordability component.


Medical Care & Mental Health

Greg is dedicated to keeping access to medical care and mental health support in Bremerton. As Mayor, Greg fully supports:

  • Completing the urgent and prompt care facility on Kitsap Way.

  • Implementing the City’s Behavioral Health Program and continuing to improve the Navigator Program.

  • Supporting Stand By Me, the coordinated healthcare and services program for individuals at-risk of or experiencing homelessness.

  • Continuing the mobile healthcare clinic partnership with Peninsula Community Health Services to better respond to opioid and mental health incidents.

  • Development of Pendleton Place, the permanent supportive housing development.



One of Greg’s priorities is keeping our parks adequately funded, maintained, and accessible to all. In his second term, Greg’s goals for parks include:

  • Beginning construction to improve Kitsap Lake Park and boat launch.

  • Securing funding for improvements to Pendergast Park Field.

  • Securing funding and beginning design of LuLu Haddon Park improvements.

  • Completing the master plan for development and improvements to Gold Mountain Golf Course.

  • Working with the YMCA on increasing public access to the City-owned Jarstad Pool.

  • Increasing access to waterfront and water vistas for all Bremertonians.

  • Making parks available via walking for more neighborhoods in the City.



Greg often hears about the challenges of parking in the City. He will continue to support:

  • Using new tools and technology to improve parking options and enforcement.

  • Updating parking signage throughout the City.

  • Creating a commuter survey on improving access to multi-modal transit options and the Smart Commuter program.

  • Enhancing bike access in the downtown core.

  • Adopting technology for online parking tools and apps for commuters.

  • Implementing a Bremerton commuter transportation and traffic study, in partnership with the U.S. Navy.


Public Safety

Greg supports our police and fire departments. In order to continue to improve the work they do to keep our community safe, Greg supports:

  • Hiring Behavioral Health and BPD body camera support positions.

  • Implementing the Behavioral Health Program for crisis intervention and continuing the Navigator Program, connecting those with mental health and addiction issues with services and treatment resources.

  • Continuing to improve the Safe Place Program.

  • Developing remote technology options for starting new neighborhood Block Watch opportunities.

  • Upgrading police video security cameras.

  • Seeking grants and other funding sources to assist with hiring additional staff to increase efficiencies and improve emergency response.

  • Completing the remodel of Fire Stations 2 and 3.

  • Purchasing a Wildland Fire Engine and new paramedic unit.

  • Ensuring the assistant fire chief position is permanently filled.


Streets & Sidewalks

As Mayor, Greg has worked on addressing our damaged streets and sidewalks. In his second term, Greg’s administration will focus on:



Greg is a strong supporter of public transportation in its many forms. As Mayor, Greg will continue to support:

  • Advocating for Bremerton fast ferries and local foot ferry service.

  • Expanding the quantity and quality of transit service.

  • Working with the Port of Bremerton to champion transportation opportunities of the Bremerton Airport expansion.

  • Leading a partnership to identify and fund construction of transportation improvements for the Gorst corridor.

  • Analyzing multi-modal transit options (ferry, buses, park and ride, van and carpool, bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, taxi and rideshare, etc.) and identifying gaps to improve mobility.

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