Greg is proud to be endorsed by numerous community members and elected officials. To be included on Greg's list of supporters, click on the Endorse Greg button in the Main Menu.


23rd Legislative District Democrats

26th Legislative District Democrats

35th Legislative District Democrats

Kitsap County Association of Realtors

Kitsap County Democratic Women

Kitsap County Democrats

Laborers Local 252

Young Democrats of Kitsap County

Elected Officials

Congressman Derek Kilmer, 6th Congressional District

State Senator Christine Rolfes, 23rd Legislative District

State Representative Drew Hansen, 23rd Legislative District

State Representative Tarra Simmons, 23rd Legislative District

State Senator Emily Randall, 26th Legislative District

Leslie Daugs, Bremerton City Council Member

Quinn Dennehy, Bremerton City Council Member

Michael Goodnow, Bremerton City Council Member

Joe Deets, Bainbridge Island City Council Member

Fred Chang, Port Orchard City Council Member

Dr. Karen Bolton, Bremerton School District Director

John Hurley, Bremerton School District Director

Alyson Rotter, Bremerton School District Director

Drayton Jackson, Central Kitsap School District Director

Rob MacDermid, Central Kitsap School District Director

Community Members

Samantha Adams

Sharon Adams

Jim Adrian

Scott Alexander

Ivaly Alexander

Steve Algiere

Stephanie Amo

Jordy Andrew

Carol Andrews

Sherry Appleton, fmr. 23rd LD State Representative

Jim Arbogast

Judy Arbogast

Jayme Arries

Kate Babbo

Sue Baker

Tim Baker

Remo Barr

Charles Bates

Jenalyn Batucan

Johanna Baxter

Taryn Beard

Mike Benefiel

"Mayor Greg Wheeler is a thoughtful, compassionate, humble leader with tremendous integrity who cares deeply about our city and its residents. Not only is Mayor Wheeler willing to listen to every person who reaches out to him, he has spent countless hours of his personal time walking throughout Bremerton proactively listening to residents’ thoughts, ideas and concerns. He genuinely cares about the people of this city, and works to find solutions for issues big and small."

- Karen McKay Bevers

Lonnie Bevers

Mark Biggs

Wes Blackwell

"The City of Bremerton has been well served by this friend, neighbor and public servant. I hope you will join me in supporting Greg Wheeler for re-election as Mayor of Bremerton this November."

- Robert Bodkin

David Boroughs

Holly Braaten

Donna Branch-Gilby

Morrow Brandy

Peter Braun

Harriette Bryant

Mary Bryant

Jacob Bullon

Scott Buswell

Art Castle

John Cervinsky

Jeff Christensen

Robert Christensen

Rob Clark

Jill Clarridge

Darryl Q. Clifford

Jesse Cockerham

Sheila Collins

Chase Connolly

Ann Cook

Barry Cook

Julie Cooper

Pat Cooper

Leonard Costello, ret. Kitsap County Superior Court Judge

Jeff Coughlin

Lillian Crawford

Karen Creswell

Jeanette Dalton, ret. Kitsap County Superior Court Judge

Randy Damewood

Kevin Dangerfield

Irmgard Davis

Shannon DeBoer

Mickey Delaney

Shawn Devine

John Dey

Joan Dingfield

Robert Dollar

Stacy Doré

Brittany Duff

Ginny Duff

Rick Duff

Cinda Dunn

Dr. Paul Dutky

Sophia Dyrness

Rachel Ebetlr

Ernest Edsel

"We have found Greg to be a good leader — an active listener, of good heart, down to earth, and willing to stick up for what is right. Plus, he has served a successful first term as mayor with many accomplishments including initiatives promoting down payment assistance, rental assistance for low-income residents, increasing the B&O tax exemption and adding new jobs, including the Amazon distribution center."

- Larry and Mary Eyer

Jessica Falk

"Greg has done an outstanding job of leading our community through some very rough times and we need to continue under his leadership."

- David Farr, fmr. Bremerton City Council Member

George Fine

Faye Flemister, fmr. Bremerton City Council Member

Ronald Flemister

Angela Flesher

Jon Flesher

Jo Fox Burr

Michelle Frisbie

Chris Funke

Angelo Garcia

Norbert Gegner

Chad Gillman

Rusty Grable

Steve Green

Katrina Griffin

Sterling Griffin

Suzanne Griffith

Dr. Bobby Gross

Liz Gross

Robert Hagenson

Gregory Hanenburg

Joan Hanten

Robert Harris

Alice Hart

Gene Hart

Russ Hartman

Dave Hedger

Terry Hedger

John Hedges

Marsha Hedges

Chuck Henderson

Robin Henderson

Dan Herron

Linda Hickey

Patrick Hickey

Tony Hillman, fmr. Bremerton City Council Member

Victoria Hilt

Dr. Dale Holdren

Lisa Holland

Nicholas Horowitz

Melinda Hughes

Julie Humm

Jeffrey Hyde

"Thank you for working to address the homelessness crisis with care for the homeless as humans."

- Alistair James

Catherine Jett

Brian Johnson

Karole Johnson

Morgan Johnson

Pastor Richmond Johnson

Eugenie Jones-Laughridge

Kyle Jones

Dr. Supriya Kang

Charles Keating

Doña Keating

Merrill Keating

"Greg Wheeler is truly a good decent human being and I think he's been one of the best mayors Bremerton has had in the 50 years we have lived here. Bremerton is growing rapidly, and Greg Wheeler is the person to guide it so we don't lose the wonderful city that Bremerton is."

- Kathleen Kersten

Franz Kinzel

Susan Kinzel

"Greg’s initiatives have ranged from helping the homeless and keeping residents safe from hate crimes, to delivering federal funding to help local, small businesses, like my own, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Greg Wheeler, an experienced public servant, has the wisdom and insight to make the right decisions as Mayor."


- Laura Kneib

Hudon Knox

Sarah Knox

Carrie La Jeunesse

"Greg Wheeler is a person that cares deeply about the City of Bremerton and his constituents."

- Marva Lang

John Larson

Lee Larson

Wes Larson

Timothy Lavin

Jerry Le Texier

Jonathan Liles

Miguel Lopez

Christopher Lux

Colleen Lux

Martha Lynn-Johnson

Richard Marquina

Mark Mauren

Robert McCallum

Damien McClain

Deborah McDaniel

Shayna McKinnon

Tyler McKlosky

Janice McLemore

Franklin Meade

Joyce Merkel

Stephen Misiurak

Connie Mueller

Richard Nerf

Alan Newberg

Eli Oldfield-Rich

M Oldfield-Rich

Bobbette Olson

Carl Olson

Brian Orwiler

David Overton

Schuyler Page

Lisa Paquette

Erik Pedersen

Connie Pejka

Steve Pejka

Geoff Pentz

Dave Peterson, ret. Kitsap County Clerk

Melissa Peterson

Patricia Peterson

Paul Peterson

Tessa Pike

Deborah Polley

Benita Powell

Lori Preus

Tim Quigley

Lisa Ragsdale

Jane Rebelowski

Robert Reynolds

Lilly Rice

Steven Rice

Darryl Riley

Benjamin Rinehart

Ralph Rogers, fmr. Kitsap County Fire Commissioner

Jillynn Rood

Tim Samuels

Jess Sappington

Jean Schanen

Debbie Schiro

Ryan Schiro

Johannes Schonberg

Bob Schroeder

Larry Seaquist, fmr. 26th LD State Representative

Jane Sebastian

Michael Shepherd, fmr. Bremerton City Council Member

"Greg Wheeler is one of us. A Bremertonian who loves the city he lives in and believes in the folks who call it their home. A mayor who's instrumental in providing us a better place to live with programs which make it possible to have a roof over our head."

- Don Simon

Richard Sims

Ann Skrobut

Doug Skrobut

Timothy Smith

"Greg has made the revitalization of the city stronger and deeper. He has expanded the revitalization to all areas and all citizens. He has improved housing and employment opportunities and helped small businesses. He has worked to improve life for our most vulnerable and made diversity a priority."

- Alison Sonntag, fmr. Kitsap County Clerk

Roberta Spayd

Katherine Steuart

Dr. Ginny Sugimoto

Dr. Mark Sugimoto

Evangeline Tapia

Rudy Taylor

Sheri Thomas

Corinne Thompson

Ross Thompson

Tim Thompson

Briony Turner

Danielle Turner
Tim Turner

Craig Ueland

Velma Valdez

Sarah Van Cleve

Jo Walter

Dylan Weaver

Marie Weichman

Jeffrey Wheeler

Hiyam Van Der Wilde

Dr. Rob Van Der Wilde

Lori Wheat, fmr. Bremerton City Council Member

Carol Williams

Jamie Williams

Jazza Williams-Wood

Kate Wilson

Ken Wilson

Yvette Wilson

Eric Wise

Katherine Woods

Michael Woods

Randy Wurr

Roger Zabinski, fmr. Port of Bremerton Commissioner